Digital Friends

Are you or someone you know feeling disconnected from the world, looking for some social connection and curious about going online but not sure how?

If you are at risk of being excluded or isolated due to the Covid-19 and need help to get online then the Digital Friends project is for you. We’re pairing tech-savvy volunteer befrienders with those who need support to develop their digital skills. Through a befriending relationship you will be guided through the very fundamentals of getting acquainted with a digital device such as turning it on, learning how to work it and connecting to the internet all with the help of a friendly mentor. There are many benefits to going digital such as staying connected to family and friends through video calling, exploring hobbies and interests, accessing medical services, shopping and more - we’re here to help you explore this new world of possibilities. The project is open to anyone with or without a digital device such as a phone, tablet or laptop. We can provide support to access a device if required. 

To find out more or how to get involved call Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire on 01236 748 011 

Or email with reference to ‘Digital Friends’