The Strategic Role of the Third Sector

A brief history and synopsis of the third sector’s role and involvement in Community Planning in North Lanarkshire is contained within the report Mapping the Journey: Exploring the Voluntary Sector’s Relationship with Community Planning in North Lanarkshire

Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire is currently implementing a three-year Third Sector Community Planning Improvement Plan on behalf of North Lanarkshire Partnership following facilitation of a local Third Sector Community Planning Improvement Programme during 2014-15.

The Programme saw Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire consult with the local third sector and Community Planning Partners such as North Lanarkshire Council, NHS Lanarkshire, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, New College Lanarkshire and Department for Work and Pensions with a view to progressing and improving the third sector’s effectiveness within Community Planning.

Six priority improvement areas were identified through consultation, and these have been outlined within the strategic document A Framework for Third Sector Connectivity to Community Planning in North Lanarkshire 2015-18 The Framework contains a number of recommendations, tools and proposals for initiating implementation of the Improvement Plan. A first phase impact assessment of the third sector in North Lanarkshire, aligned to North Lanarkshire Partnership’s themes of community safety, health and wellbeing, lifelong learning and regeneration, is also incorporated in the publication.

Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire seeks the support of all Community Planning Partners and third sector organisations in North Lanarkshire in facilitating delivery of the Improvement Plan during the period 2015-18.

For further information on the third sector’s strategic role within Community Planning, please contact Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire on 01236 748011 or e-mail