NHS 24 Youth Forum

NHS Youth Forum

NHS 24 have created a youth forum to give young people an opportunity to influence NHS 24 services.  This helps to create services that are accessible to young people. Current members have had the opportunity to feedback on a web chat function which Breathing Space are looking to implement this year.  They have also worked with Young Scot and provided feedback on some work they are doing in creating digital health services.  The NHS are keen to help young people gain new skills, for example we have provided a training session on effective communication. 

The group meets 4 times per year and tries to meet at different locations.  Young people can receive Saltire Award volunteering certificates and they also provide lunch on the day as well as any travel expenses.

The next meeting is on Saturday 7th December at the Mitchell library in Glasgow 11am – 2pm.

If you require any further information or if anyone is interested in attending one of the meetings please email youth.forum@nhs24.scot.nhs.uk.