Connecting Scotland - Applications open!

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Connecting Scotland is a Scottish Government programme set up in response to coronavirus.  

It provides iPads, Chromebooks and support to develop digital skills for people who are all of the following:    

  • digitally excluded – do not have an appropriate device and/or are not connected to the internet at home  
  • on low incomes so cannot afford to buy a device or pay for internet access  
  • at risk of isolation due to coronavirus because they’re in the extremely high vulnerability group or the higher risk of severe illness group  
  • Getting online will help them access the services and support they need. It will also help them to keep in contact with their friends and family.   

How it works 

To reach these people, Connecting Scotland collaborates with local councils, public and third sector organisations who are already working with them.    

Organisations and local councils get support from SCVO. This includes:   

kit – internet enabled devices  
connectivity – through mobile data  
training and support – for staff and volunteers to become ‘digital champions’ to support people to use the internet confidently and safely.   
Connecting Scotland is a partnership between the Scottish Government, local councils and SCVO. It’s supported by a range of organisations from across Scotland and the UK.   

The Scottish Government funds the programme.   

Who can apply   

If you are a public or third sector organisation that works with this group of people in Scotland, you can apply for devices. Teams working within a local council can also apply. 

Individuals and private sector organisations cannot apply.   

SCVO will provide support for successful teams and organisations.  

How to apply 

You need to apply using the online application.  

is available to help you prepare your answers.

Each local council has devices allocated to them to distribute to people living in their area. This document provides the number of devices available in each area. If your organisation works in more than one area, you’ll need to complete a separate application form for each area.