Clyde Valley Orchards seeking more members

Community Action Lanarkshire

The Clyde Valley Orchards want you, and will be attending the upcoming Fruit Day at Overton Farm, where there’ll be fruit and juice for sale, as well as fruit pressing demonstrations and more.

Once known as the “Fruit Basket of Scotland” the Clyde Valley is still home to a huge number of fruit trees, and that number is growing. Clyde Valley Orchards are a local community group, based at the community orchard in Kirkfieldbank, and throughout the Clyde Valley, working to preserve the historic fruit growing heritage of the area and foster an increased interest in fruit growing.

The recent success of Clyde Valley Orchards means they are now looking for even more members to assist with harvesting, processing and juicing as well as caring for the hundreds of trees now thriving in the area.

Cheryl Osbourne, of Clyde Valley Orchards says, "It’s that time of year again when the apples are ready for harvesting - and what a bumper harvest there is this year.”

She continues, “Membership is open to everyone and the group is always keen to gain new members - you don't even need to own an apple tree.  Some members join for the social aspect and others volunteer with picking and processing.  The apple juice is sold locally to raise funds to plant new trees and equipment. We’re a friendly bunch so if you are interested in any aspect of the group please get in touch or come along to talk to us on Saturday.”

Other benefits of membership include access to training, equipment and apple juice.  Even if you only buy Clyde Valley Orchard apple juice you are helping invest in the local community, as all funds are reinvested in the group’s activities.  

Clyde Valley Orchards were supported by the Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership with great success, and are now being promoted by Community Action Lanarkshire in this recent drive for even more members.

Ewan Bachell, of Community Action Lanarkshire, says “We are really excited about how successful the group have been, and are delighted to be helping to spread the word about their success. Anyone in the Clyde Valley with fruit trees in their garden should absolutely get involved.”

The group are also happy to take donations of apples for juicing in return for some juice and help can be provided with picking if necessary. To get in touch or to become a member please contact Clyde Valley Orchards at or come along to the Fruit day at Overton Farm on 6th Oct and say hello.